About Breadth: how the score is calculated?

S&P 500 stocks are further categorized into 11 sectors based on Global Industry Classification Standards (GICS).

We calculate the percentage of equities which are above 20 day simple moving average (20-day SMA) by sector. The total breadth score for the SP500 is therefore 100 x 11 = 1100.

We also provide push notification service. You can Join Notification Channel and get notify the Breadth Score change during trading hours.

Data updated @ 2021-04-09 16:43:22

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S&P 500 River Width

Minard Map one of the famous flow map inspired us to create the visualization of the S&P 500 breadth. The concept of breadth is to illustrate the trend up/down of the US stock market. As an interesting match, our River Width plot perfectly illustrate such idea: wider = up (make profit), narrower = down (seek target).

By TradingLogic.com

Breadth Score